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Publish options for Site: PublishTemplate

These are options available to writers and readers for controlling the look of typeset page collections.

Document settings

ptype publish type (hide typeset) -
surtitle client name appears on cover ("Wikipublisher")
title appears on cover and in page header ("$Groupspaced: $Title")
subtitle appears on cover and in page footer ("From the $WikiTitle")
Cover alignment
cover alignment of cover text (left;centre;*right) +
Cover heading style
coverstyle font style for cover heading text (*sans;serif) +

Section settings

Autonumber depth
autonumber depth of numbered sections (2| subsections;1| sections;*0| off) +
Sections on new page
sectionnewpage major sections start a new page (check on) +
Section bibliography
chapterbib print references after section (check on) +
Section style
ucsection style for heading text of major sections (*off| [default], Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin, Invercargill) +

Text settings

Paragraph separator
parasep separation between paragraphs (*indent;space) +
justification text justified or ragged right (*check on) +
Rule style
hrstyle style for horizontal rules (*105|clover cross, 150|sparkle cross, 166|diamond cross, 121|bold asterisk, 122|open asterisk, 133|petal asterisk, 134|open petal asterisk, 140|five petal flower, 144|snowflake, 246|aldus leaf, 247|hedera leaf, 040|space, asterisk) +
Rule style repeat
hrrepeat repeat horizontal rule character (check on) +
Text size
fontsize font size for body text and headings (*11pt| regular;12pt| large) +
List tables
tablelist generate a list of tables (check on) +
List figures
figurelist generate a list of figures (check on) +
Include current page
include include text of trail page (check include) -
List custom floats
cfloatlist generate a list of custom floats ($CfloatList;*|off) +

Summary setting

Summary page
summaryn page used for summary (hide $Summary) -

The reader's choices override the writer's. A + indicates that this item is a default unless over-ridden.

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Page last modified on April 16, 2011, at 05:43 AM