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This screen is the HEART of ByHeart. As such it has a rich interface with lots of options. The more you read and learn the more you will find ByHeart helping you to do what it is you want to do: Learn God's Word By Heart!

Learning verses is a good beginning, but ultimately Reviewing is the key to effective memorization.

Pointers For LEARNING Verses

  • Make heavy use of the hints. Start with "All Hint" and gradually use less and less hint (80%, 60%, etc.) until you don't need the hints anymore.
  • You can always press SPACE to show the next word. In the beginning you will undoubtedly press space for EVERY word (unless you are using the hints). That's OK!
  • You can also press RETURN to show all the verse -- this can be good if you want to just read it over a few times.
  • After you have a pretty good grasp of the verse, press ESCAPE (or click on "Hide Verse") to blank the verse out. Turn hints to a manageable level (try 60%) and try to type the first letter of every word. If you get stuck for a word or need more help, either hit the hint button again or press SPACE to show the next word.
  • While you are learning you won't get a great score. That's OK! The scoring is more for review of verses you already know. Don't let a bad score get in the way of learning the verse well!
  • If you come back to a verse that you thought you knew but you're having trouble -- don't get upset about it: just go through the learning process again. Most of us have to learn a verse multiple times before we can really review it - that's normal!

Pointers for REVIEWING Verses

  • Your highest quality review is when you type the first letter of every word correctly, including the reference.
  • But typing every word takes time. If you are in a hurry just use SPACE for each word after you say the word.
  • If you are really in a hurry, you can periodically just press RETURN and read over the verse quickly.
    • If your teacher or parent is supervising you, they will be able to see if you do this too quickly -- in fact, it won't even "count" as a review if you go too quickly.
    • Remember, the point is not to get through the review as quickly as you can. The point is to make sure you are implanting these verses deep in your mind to retain them for the long term. If you try to shortcut the process ... well, you get out of it what you put in!


Some groups (i.e., classes or families) use coins to provide an additional motivator to the group members. ByHeart itself allows users to unlock various features (a new car or a new theme, for instance) by "purchasing" them with this type of coin.

Here is how you earn coins:

  • Any time a new verse is added into your schedule and you start reviewing it you will get a bronze coin.
  • Any time you do a full session of review you will get a silver coin.
  • Any time you review a verse by typing the first letters of the words you can earn gold coins for each verse

and make

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