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Now that you have verses scheduled, all you have to do is start learning them ByHeart and reviewing them.

When you log into ByHeart you will automatically be taken to the screen to do the next review session. ByHeart will choose the verses that you should work on.

While you are in the yellow box you have several ways you can go about your review:

  • Normally when you know a verse you will type the first letter of each succeeding word. Typing the right letter gets more points; typing the wrong letter loses points. As long as you don't make mistakes it is worth it to go as fast as you can - you'll get more points.
  • If you are just learning a verse or if you need help on a word you can press <space> to get the next word. However, you won't get hardly any points doing your review this way, so use this feature as little as possible and get back to typing the first letter of each word.
  • If you want to see the whole verse you can quickly press <ENTER> and the whole verse shows up. Again, this won't help your score and so should only be used if you're really having trouble with a verse or you're just beginning to learn the verse.
  • If you made a bunch of mistakes or are just learning a new verse you may want to press <ESC> after you finish the verse to start over again. If you do better the 2nd time around then this can really help your score.
  • While learning it can be helpful to have some of the words on the screen. If you press the numbers 1 to 9 you will get somewhere between 10% and 90% of the words printed in the black box as a hint. This damages your score, so make sure you only use it when needed while you are learning the verse. As soon as you've learned it ByHeart then avoid using the hints.

When you've finished with one verse, press <PAGE-DOWN> (or click on "Next Verse") to go to the next verse.

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Page last modified on March 21, 2013, at 06:05 PM