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This page contains each of the sections which make up the page content (the "view") of the page

This "Main" section goes right at the top and includes the wikitrail and the WikiSh code to run everything else

<< | WikiShForms.Trail | >>

(wikish WikiShForms)

This "ViewChoice" section gives the user options how to view/edit the data


View #1: The vertical form for editing

LINKNAME: (joined on )

Contact 1: EL1: Address1:
Contact 2: EL2: Address2:

View #2: The horizontal form for editing

LINKNAME: (joined on )'

 Contact 1Contact 2'


View #3: View-only (no editing)

LINKNAME: ${Linkname} (joined on ${Joindate})


This "CreatePage" section provides the capability of entering a page name and creating it

Create a new Page:
Page Name (no group name - just the page):

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Page last modified on August 21, 2008, at 11:06 AM