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Here are some interesting pages you might want to look at if you are testing wikibox...

  1. WikiBox.Signup - This will allow you to bypass the subscribe email process if you wish. It will also make a snapshot of your current passwords and/or user IDs that will be used on future processing. You can sign up multiple times, but after the first time your "old passwd" must match in order to update password, author, snapshot of authorization level, etc.
    • Note the page Test.Locked if you want to test this feature - the edit passwd for that page is "hello". Make sure you have that password in your authorization session when you subscribe or update your subscription via WikiBox.Signup, attempt a wikibox edit to that page ("append to [[Test.Locked]]" or something similar), and make sure when you load the WikiBox.Check for the final step that you have logged out so that normally the edit would not be allowed.
  2. WikiBox.Check - Wikibox will only process incoming email messages when this page is loaded. Normally it would be loaded on a predefined schedule via cron and wget, but for this test it must be loaded manually.
  3. WikiBox.Moderate - This is a simple email responder coded in WikiSh to allow wikibox testers to moderate their own messages. Basically by loading this page you are checking the moderator's email box and replying with a "confirm" to every properly formed wikibox message there.
  4. WikiBox.Inbox - This will give you a pagelist of all the inbox pages out there. Just so you can look at them.
  5. WikiBox.ErrorLog - This is a list of errors that wikibox has encountered.
    • WikiBox.Logs - This is a pagelist of all WikiBox-Logged-* pages. These are typically as a result of errors in the ErrorLog and usually it makes better sense to get to them via that ErrorLog.
  6. WikiBox.SentLog - This is a list of messages that have been sent from the moderator (WikiSh generated, not wikibox)
  7. Test.Test - This will give a pagelist of all pages within the test group (since those are the pages wikibox has edit permission for) (you can also create new pages within the Test group)

Here is a list of all pages within the WikiBox group

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Page last modified on August 17, 2008, at 05:35 PM