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FOR SALE: Table: white, plastic, oval (larger)

PRICE: 1500 leke

White table designed for outside use. Not so pretty on the surface, but if you cover it with a tablecloth it will bring you many pleasant picnics and meals on your balcony.

This table is slightly larger than the square one I am also selling.

Note that a table like this can have the legs removed and it can be stored in a very small place, providing capability of adding additional seating around your table at a holiday or etc.

It is slightly damaged along one side with a saw and a small crack (see pictures), but, again, this is completely covered if you put a tablecloth over it. To put this in context, this was the table we used as our hospitality table at church for the last couple years - with a tablecloth over it it looked perfect and worked perfectly.

Legs still fit tightly and the table is good and sturdy.

Dimensions: 140x84 (72h)

Although the pictures make it look like it has a gravity dampening field built in, don't believe everything you see. Gravity still pulls down on this table and not sideways. My camera, on the other hand, is a different story... :-)

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