For sale 2014-09-03

Originally bought 3 years (?) ago in the USA, you can see the specs & reviews from Amazon here:

ViewSonic PJD5122 on Amazon

As you can see, it's a fairly bright projector (2500 lumens) with SVGA (800x600) resolution. It can be mounted right side up (i.e., on a table) or upside down (i.e., from the ceiling). It has connections for VGA as well as RCA and S-Video. The VGA out allows you to have an external monitor or another projector set up pointing in a different direction (we've used it when groups sit in a circle so people on both sides can read the words to a song or if a worship group wanted to be able to see what was projecting behind them without turning around).

The projector works fine and was in use without difficulties until the day we swapped it out. Periodic home use and almost never moved. Has 2 VGA inputs but only 1 works (one was disabled by plugging it into a computer with a bad VGA port, but we've used it for over 2 years since then using the other VGA input without any difficulty). Includes remote, VGA cable, power cable. Can be run on either 110-volt or 220-volt.

Selling because we upgraded to get HDMI.

Originally over $300, for sale for $200 obo.

See below for pictures...

proj1 proj2 proj3 proj4