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FOR SALE: 2 High Quality Loft Beds


Click HERE to see the Coffee Table

These bunk beds are lovingly handcrafted and designed to be sturdy enough to stand everything a boy can throw at them.

3-4 teenage boys rough-housing on top? No problem! These beds can handle it.

Running out of room in the bedroom? No problem! These beds give you a desk & sitting area under the bed.

Dimensions 115cm wide by 205cm long by 200cm high (top of the mattress is about 175cm).

There are 2 of these beds with the ladder in mirror image.

There are a few scratches from use but they are still in fine condition - as strong today as when they were first built! And they will probably still be standing strong & sturdy after the last other item of furniture in your home has collapsed...

(Mattresses not included, Bookshelf not included unless you want to make a separate offer)

PRICE: $200 for one bed, $350 for both.

(Beds at IKEA with roughly the same dimensions but without the incredible strength and without the desk go for $299 each.)

See below for pictures:

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Page last modified on October 27, 2015, at 08:50 AM