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Frequently Asked Questions about our new role as Affinity Group Director

Q: Will your new position require a lot more travel?
A: It will require more travel, but our supervisors have been very gracious and understanding about the reality of having children still in the house. Peter will travel at most 4-6 weeks per year and Melodye's field visits and involvement in conferences will be "appreciated when possible but not required."
Q: What "affinity" is there between Kurds and Iranians and Turks and Albanians?!
A: They all have some cultural or historical connection to Turkey or the Turks. Many Kurds live within Turkey; Iranian refugees are streaming into Turkey; and Albania was hugely influenced culturally by the Ottoman Empire.
Q: Why is it called the "Silk Road" Affinity Group?
A: The name "Silk Road" comes from the trade routes which came all the way from China and through this geographical area many years ago. Besides - who could pass on such a cool name?!?
Q: What are your specific responsibilities in this new role?
A: The role includes caring for the leaders in the Affinity Group and casting a vision for the overall work. Melodye will be similarly responsible for member care for the ladies within the group. We will plan to visit each team roughly once a year, pray regularly for them, help provide training, help in conflict resolution periodically, and do a lot of encouraging.
Q: Will you stay in Albania?
A: Yes, this is one of the wonderful things about this change - our responsibilities have changed but we can continue to live and serve in this land we have come to call home.
Q: What does this role change mean from a financial perspective?
A: Since we continue to live in Albania our expenses will remain largely the same. Travel expenses will be taken care of by the administrative costs of all of the workers within the Silk Road AG. We do continue to have a shortfall of $690 per month. While this is better than it was over the summer it is still a matter of some concern and we are grateful for your prayers.
Q: What is Melodye's role in this new position?
A: Christar has a separate "dotted line" organizational chart which connects all the ladies in ministry to a series of "Women's Ministry Coordinators." These WMCs provide member care to the ladies within Christar in a way that men simply cannot. And Melodye is the best of the best in this role - she will be responsible for the member care primarily for the WMCs of the focus groups within our region, but ultimately for all the ladies within the Silk Road. She will be interacting largely via email and skype but will periodically travel to visit these fields as well.
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Page last modified on November 05, 2013, at 02:26 PM