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For Sale (Shitet)

All items are in fine condition and were in use up until just days ago. As our boys have grown older we decided to reorganize their room and several of these items were taking up room that was needed.

Prices are all in new leke. If you don't like our asking price, feel to make another (reasonable) offer. We probably won't accept another price right away, but if a week goes by and yours is the best price then we'll make the sale...

Item:Kitchen or Utility Table SOLD
Price:2500 leke
Description:White table 1.5 x 1 meter, standard height. Strong metal frame. Molding loosened on one side (see picture - easily glued) Width: 125cm Depth: 75cm Height: 75cm
Item:Child's Chair SOLD
Price:1500 leke
Description:IKEA child's chair. Very comfortable. Best place in the world to learn to read!
Price:3500 leke
Description:Shelf designed to hold child's toys. Varying size of openings allows maximum use of space even for oddly-shaped items. Height: 156cm Width: 103cm Depth: 45cm. Made of melamin. We actually have 2 of these (slightly different layout of shelves) and might be interested in selling them as a matched set if someone made us an offer we couldn't refuse...
Item:Game Table
Price:4000 leke
Description:Handcrafted game table. Strong, heavy construction. Your whole family could stand on this without fear of breaking it! Space inside for storage of games or etc. 65cm square by 45cm high. Equally suitable for a coffee table in a small living room.
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