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Title = Persepolis
Author = Marjane Satrapi
Description = Persepolis (ISBN 0-224-08039-3) is a French-language autobiographical
graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi depicting her childhood in Iran during and
after the revolution. The title is a reference to the historical town of

Drawn in black and white, the graphic novel found great popularity following
its release

Persepolis details Satrapi's life during the war between Iran and Iraq.
Persepolis depicts Satrapi's childhood in Iran, and Persepolis 2 depicts her
high school years in Vienna, Austria and her return to Iran where Satrapi
attended college, married, and later divorced before moving to France, where
she now lives. Hence, the series is not only a memoir, but a Bildungsroman.

The fact that these memoirs were even written in the first place is quite
remarkable.[citation needed] In a culture where a woman's modesty and
reputation is of the utmost importance, it is inherently improper for a
woman to expose her personal inner life or that of her family to the public.
Therefore, it is not surprising that autobiographical works by Iranian women
are rare, that they are a recent phenomenon, and that most such works have
been published in the West, and not in Iran.

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