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Title = Innocents Abroad
Author = Mark Twain
Description = Synopsis:

Based on a series of letters Mark Twain wrote from Europe to newspapers in San Francisco and New York as a roving correspondent, The Innocents Abroad (1869) is a burlesque of the sentimental travel books popular in the mid-nineteenth century. Twain's fresh and humorous More...

perspective on hallowed European landmarks lacked reverence for the past-the ancient statues of saints on the Cathedral of Notre Dame are battered and broken-nosed old fellows and tour guides interrupt every dream, every pleasant train of thought, with their tiresome cackling. Equally irreverent about American manners (including his own) as he is about European attitudes, Twain ultimately concludes that, for better or worse, human nature is very much the same all over the world. ...Shrink

Customer Reviews:

Roughing It By: D. Adam

A wild and rollicking account of Mark Twain's adventures in the West and Hawaii, first as an aid to his brother, the new Acting Governor of Nevada, then as a miner, and finally as a newspaper reporter. He encounters all types, from Mormons to Indians, and nothing escapes description More...

(coyotes and Horace Greely each have their due), and he tells his sometimes harrowing stories with great gusto and humor and sympathy. ...Shrink

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