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Title = Herodotus
Author = Herodotus
Description = Editorial Reviews:


During the fifth century BC, a small and quarrelsome band of Greek city-states united to repel a mighty Persian army. While the story of this heroic drama forms the main theme of Herodotus' narrative, the author's curiosity fleshes out the text with digressions, folk tales and stories.

Customer Reviews:

My Favorite Read From Ancient Greece By: Matthew J. Summers

Herodotus' account is vivid, pertinent, exciting, insightful, and often hilarious as he recounts the people, places, customs, and occurrences in early Greece leading up to the Persian invasion.

His account of the customs and manners of foreign lands, the behavior of More...

kings, and the politics of battle will keep you engrossed.

Perhaps the most significant portion of this book deals with Xerxes and his invasion of Greece. This story contains the famous Battle of Thermopylae in which the 300 Spartans hold the Persians at bay.

I have compared this translation with about six other translations and found it to be as accurate as any and more readable than most. I highly recommend it, it is by far my favorite piece of early Greek literature.

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