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Swiss choccolates
The real thing!
This & That
Doris Steets
Country/Ethnicity of Origin
1 dl cream (panna cuccina) (1/3 cup and 1 T and 1 t)

250 grams good quality dark choccolate (or you can do a mix dark/milk choccolate if desired)(9 oz) `1/2 t nescafe if desired 1 T powder sugar

Heat the cream in a small pan. Take from the heat and add the choccolate in pieces. Stir and let melt slowly. Add nescafe if desired and stir in powder sugar.

Pour into small paper cups for making choccolates (can be bought a Neranxhi). Cool. Decorate with sprinkles, dried fruit or whatever you like.

If desired add 1 T of Raki or Grand Marnier to give the choccolates a different aroma.

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