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Pesto Chicken Pasta
This is slightly extravagant because it uses 1 of those fresh pots of pesto available in the chilled area of supermkts(only found in Conad so far!) Don't be tempted to use the shelf pesto in jars, it tastes horrible!

it's great to have a pot in the fridge because it makes a great, speedy, emergency supper!

4 generous servings
Main Dishes
Jacquie Low
Country/Ethnicity of Origin
Italian via some Australians!
4 chicken breasts

`1/2-1 pot fresh pesto sauce (depending how pesto-y you like it!) 1 carton cream (200ml UHT) or a small pot of sour cream (`3/4 cup and 2 T) Optional a handful of mushrooms & cherry tomatoes, halved Water to thin Salt & pepper

Fry the chopped chicken breast in a little oil till slightly browned & just cooked through; only a few minutes. If using the tomatoes & mushrooms, add them in. Add cream. Thin with boiling water to your desired consistency. Add salt & pepper. Simmer for a few minutes & serve.

Serve with tagliatelle, & some basil sprinkled on top.

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