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Chocolate Peanut Balls
This recipe provides a fun activity to do with any age group. I have used it with children and as a fun activity with a group of women. I mixed the ingredients ahead of time and then rolled them into balls with the children/women. Then we placed them in little paper muffin liners and put them in a small box made from old Christmas cards. They were a very attractive gift.
40-50 1"" balls
Cookies & Desserts
Naomi Zimmerman
Country/Ethnicity of Origin
I received this recipe from a Brazilian friend. I don't know where she got it.
1`1/2 cups (250 grams) crushed peanuts

1 cup (200 grams) crushed vanilla cookies (this can be any kind of vanilla biscuit/cookie) 1 can (380 grams) sweetened condensed milk 1 T cocoa

powdered sugar, coconut (optional)

Mix together in a bowl and let set for 30 minutes. I like to put it in the refrigerator. Place butter on your hands and roll the batter into one inch balls. These can be rolled in crushed nuts, powdered sugar, or fine coconut. Top each with half a peanut (optional). For added color the coconut can be tinted with food coloring.
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