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Spiced Potatoes
6 or more servings
Vegetables & Side Dishes
Julee Schoch
Country/Ethnicity of Origin
6-10 good sized potatoes

1-2 large onions chopped `1/2 cup butter or olive oil 4 t ground coriander 2 t curry powder 1`1/2 t turmeric 2`1/2 salt `1/4-`1/2 tsp of hot chili power (optional)

Wash and boil potatoes until just done, let cool and then cube. In a skillet fry chopped onions with about a `1/2 cup of butter or olive oil until translucent, add spices and salt and fry onions until they start to caramelize. In a large baking pan or sheet spread out cubed potatoes and pour onion and spice mixture onto the potatoes and toss until all the potatoes are coated. Bake at 200°C until browned and slightly crispy.
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