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GDQ ICT is a skills course focusing on competencies rather than theory. Much emphasis will be placed on the student's problem solving skills and "being able to figure it out." Students are encouraged to utilize all avenues/resources available to them to solve problems including (but not limited to) the internet, technically savvy friends, and asking the teacher.


  • Office Suite (intermediate competency)
  • Typing (touch typing, consistent 40+wpm)
  • Windows (basic user skills)
  • Internet
    • Email (as a user)

Every student must have access to a computer of sufficient power to run an up-to-date operating system with up-to-date software.

Every student must have broadband access to the internet at the place where they do their homework. In the event of outages they will be expected to do their homework at a friend's house or at an internet cafe. Lack of electricity or lack of internet at home is not reason to not complete homework.

Skills/competencies we will practice and topics we will cover:

Note that much of this (below) is from the 2011-2012 class. Some will remain the same. Much will change.

  • Office Suite (to advanced competency)
    • Word Processing
    • Spreadsheet
    • Presentation
  • Open Source
    • Identify Open Source alternatives to major software packages
    • Achieve competency at using these alternatives
  • Ethics (including all digital and multimedia)
    • Hacking
    • Piracy
    • Virus
  • Ergonomics
  • User Interface
    • Command Line basics
    • Extensive use of windows alternatives
    • Presentations and introductions for other
  • Administration/Networking from a user perspective thru basic administration
    • Virus & Anti-Virus
    • Security, Firewall, etc.
    • Email setup, other clients, theory/practice of servers
    • Home network setup and network access/use
    • Routers, modems, etc.
    • Backup strategies (incl diff, inc, full)
  • Introduction to operating systems
    • Linux
      • Android
    • Mac
      • iOS for iPod, iPhone, etc.
    • Windows
      • XP
      • Vista (ick!)
      • Windows 7
  • Internet
    • Browser options
    • Search Engines
    • Web 2.0
      • FaceBook
      • Wiki
    • HTML Introduction
      • Word/Writer
      • Raw HTML
      • Nvu/Dreamweaver/etc.
    • FTP, other file transfer methods (see networking too)
  • Graphics
    • Photo editing
    • Vector drawing
    • 3D Processing
  • Audio & Movie Making
    • Simple editing
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Bible Study
    • Logos,, OLB, olivetree, etc.
  • Programming / Scripting
    • Google forms
    • Database
      • Normalizing
      • SQL basics
    • Web Scripting
      • Simple coding (JavaScript, GreaseMonkey, PHP, perhaps Python or Perl)
  • System Analysis
    • (Project) Scheduling
  • Hardware Overview
    • Hooking up components
    • Swapping memory, etc.
    • Awareness of the major components and their purpose
    • Basic trouble-shooting
  • Compressed files (making, uncompressing, etc.)

Within the list (above) there will be a wide range of emphasis placed on different items, based on either existing familiarity on the part of the students or based on the teacher's evaluation of the relative importance of this topic in the broad scheme of things. Students also have the option of expressing a desire to go more deeply into a given area and, within reason, we will try to accommodate those preferences.

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