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Typing Competency

  • Each student will demonstrate capability of typing 30wpm (adjusted) by the end of the 1st semester
  • Each student will demonstrate capability of typing 40wpm (adjusted) by the end of the 2nd semester

Students will have required typing practice assignments from the beginning of the semester until they have demonstrated the required level of competency.

Oral, In-class Presentations

Each student will have an oral presentation once per quarter. Grades will be given based on content as well as presentation. Every presentation should include a variety of multi-media. Actual physical demonstrations of the area being presented will be very favorably received from a grading standpoint.

Students will choose their own topics, but they may ask the teacher for input if requested. Topics MUST be submitted for approval prior to the preparation of the presentation as the teacher has veto privilege. Topics should cover subjects within the topic area (basically anything related to technology or computers) but wherever possible should be something new, communicating knowledge to the rest of the class that was not previously known.

Note that the use of multi-media in presentations will (almost invariably) result in some technical difficulty/glitch being discovered. Students are strongly encouraged to go through their presentation as a "dress rehearsal" prior to the actual presentation. This dress rehearsal should be done on site using the same hardware that will be used during the presentation itself. This is an important concept related to making presentations and, as such, will be suitably emphasized during the assessment of these presentations.

Web Design Project

Students will be given their own sub-domain to work with. Over the course of the year they will make various additions to their own web-site with milestones along the way. This project will attempt to integrate many of the different areas covered in the class into a single project.

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