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Students will be given approximately 1-2 hours of homework per week. This includes "project work" but will also include daily assignments on a regular basis. These daily assignments will most often not be graded but rather will be simple practice of the concepts covered during class (or exploring an extension of those concepts). On-time completion of assignments on a regular basis will contribute significantly the the participation aspect of student assessment.

NOTE: These daily assignments, although ungraded, are not optional. Every single assignment given must be completed for a student to receive a passing grade for the course.

As often as not assignments will require students to explore further on their own. In today's fast-paced technological environment it is not sufficient for a user to have been trained in a given software package; they must be able to figure out how to dig deeper and to utilize features that are new to them. This ICT class will accordingly regularly ask students to "figure it out on your own" using the appropriate resources available.

Students are encouraged to communicate with the teacher for clarification on assignments. The assignment will normally be explained in class and written on the board and also available in Sycamore. However, if an assignment seems to be taking a particularly long time or if it appears that not enough material was given in class to accomplish the assignment then students are encouraged to contact the teacher, particularly when said communication occurs prior to the night before the assignment is due.

Periodically extended assignments will be given but within a time limitation. For instance, "spend 30 minutes working through the tutorial at such-and-such a web-site." In that case the full assignment could take many hours, but the student should take special note of the time limitation -- don't spend more than 30 minutes in this particular instance.

Some assignments will be physically handed in during class but most assignments will be emailed to the teacher prior to class. Note that due dates are always before class on the given date. Great mercy (as well as help and technical assistance in surmounting difficulties) is given to students who communicate difficulties ahead of time (i.e., prior to the night before it is due). Very limited mercy is given to students who come to class with excuses rather than completed assignments. Students are expected to pursue creative problem solving options when faced with difficulties completing an assignment -- that is part of dealing with technology and part of what needs to be learned in this class.

Typical issues encountered: "My internet was out at my house" or "The power was out at my house" Typical answer: Try going to a friend's house or to the Stephen's Center or doing the assignment during study hall or after school at the GDQ High School facility. Most importantly, start early - don't wait until the last minute! When you are working with computers you must expect to have problems; if you have waited until the last minute then you have planned to not complete the assignment on time.

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