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Please answer the following questions in a word processing document, appropriately formatted, and send that document as an attachment to

  1. Why are you in this class? What are your hopes/expectations?
  2. What do you already know about computers and information science?
    1. What do you know how to do in the following (give me specific skills):
      1. Word Processing (e.g. MS Word or OpenOffice Writer)
      2. Spreadsheet (e.g. MS Excel or OpenOffice Calc)
      3. Desktop Publishing (e.g. Adobe Pagemaker or Scribus)
      4. Presentation (e.g. MS PowerPoint or OpenOffice Presenter)
      5. Operating System skills, setup (e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)
      6. Graphics editing
      7. Email (use and/or setup)
      8. Internet
        1. web 1.0 (accessing information made available by someone else or making your own pages/site)
        2. web 2.0 (interacting with others on the internet, providing information)
      9. Programming or scripting in any context
    2. Can you download and install a program from the internet
      1. What are some things you might want to think through before doing this?
    3. Mention 1 or 2 areas of computer ethics (right-and-wrong)
    4. How experienced are you with computer hardware?
      1. Given a desktop computer, keyboard, mouse, screen, and printer could you attach them and get them working?
  3. A pre-requisite for this class is that you have your own computer that you can bring to class and internet access away from school.
    1. What operating system does your computer use (Windows 7, WIndows XP, MacOS, Linux, etc.)
    2. What office suite (MS Office, OpenOffice, etc.) do you have on the computer?
    3. How long have you used this computer?
    4. Do you have ready internet access away from school? How? (i.e., at home, at a nearby restaurant, or do you have to bike 5 kilometers to your friend's home?)
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