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Instructions for creating an Outlook Calendar (in earlier versions) to display our daily prayer requests

NOTE: You should have already copied the link location (an iCal URL) from the email before coming here. If you didn't, go back and copy that first!

These instructions are really just links to other places on the internet where instructions are given. This means most of them start by telling you how to get their particular calendar link - You don't need to do that because you already copied your calendar link from the email! So use the links, but read carefully to figure out which steps at the beginning you can skip...

Outlook 2010(approve sites)

(I have copied and modified their instructions here - full credit to that WhosOff site in the link above)

  1. In Microsoft Outlook, click on Tools (In the Tools bar).
  2. Then, click on "Account Settings" and select "Internet Calendars"
  3. Now click "New" and the "New Internet Calendar Subscription" window will appear (shown below).
  4. In the space provided, paste in the feed link by pressing CTRL + V (or SHIFT + Insert), then click on "Add".
  5. Click Advanced... on the dialog box that comes up.
    1. Enter a Folder name : (i.e PrayerMate or Bowers)
    2. Description : Bowers calendar feed.
    3. Untick the Download Attachemnts for items in this Internet Calendar and
    4. Tick the Update Limit section.
    5. Click OK
  6. IMPORTANT! When asked 'Do you wish to subscribe to updates?', click YES.
  7. The new feed will become available inside your Calendars area (shown below) once the link has been checked by Outlook.

Outlook 2007(approve sites)

Skip the first step of the instructions where they explain how to copy the link. Start with the paragraph that says "In Outlook 2007, choose Tools > Account Settings...".

Outlook 2000 or before

Take a piece of wood and hold it in the fire in the middle of your cave until the end is blackened. Go to the side of your cave and draw a picture of you hunting a wooly mammoth with a stick.

Oh, wait! I didn't say that out loud, did I?! Just kidding... Unfortunately older versions of Outlook don't seem to support the iCal format. SORRY!

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Page last modified on February 05, 2015, at 06:05 AM