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Instructions for creating a Google Calendar to display our daily prayer requests

NOTE: You should have already copied the link location (an iCal URL) from the email before coming here. If you didn't, go back and copy that first!

Go to your Google Calendar page in your browser.

Look for "Other Calendars" in the bottom left. It will look like this:

Click on the triangle to the RIGHT of that (so beautifully illustrated with that perfectly drawn red arrow above) and choose "Add by URL" (see below for another beautiful arrow):

Paste the URL that you copied above (See, I told you that you would need it!), and click "Add Calendar" (Please don't make the calendar publicly accessible.)

Now your calendar will appear in your "Other Calendars" list (lower left) and in the main view of your calendar. It will be named according to the link (starting "http://www.prayermate..."). If you want to rename it or change the colors, just click on the triangle to the right of that and then alter the settings to fit your preferences.

Hints for reducing clutter

If you find that you want to show our requests when you are praying but you don't want them cluttering up your view otherwise, you have 2 options:

  • You can click on the box to the left of the calendar and it will make everything related to that calendar appear or disappear (it's a toggle)
  • You can click on the triangle to the right of the calendar and choose "Display only this calendar". Then afterwards you will have to click on your other calendars to make them visible again.

You may find that it is easier to read our prayer requests in the "Day" or "Agenda" view of Google Calendar - you'll find those buttons in the upper right of the main calendar page.

Enjoy! (And THANKS for praying!)

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Page last modified on February 05, 2015, at 05:28 AM