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Peter & Melodye Bowers live & work in Tirana, Albania. They've been there since 1998 and have 3 boys: Christopher ('99), Joshua ('00), & Jonathan ('03).

Here's a picture of our family:

Click HERE for that same photo in a larger resolution for printing purposes

We've altered that image just slightly for security purposes. Click here if you want to see the original (contact us if you don't know the password).

Click HERE to sign up for our periodic newsletter (with optional daily or weekly prayer updates)

Click HERE to see a prayer calendar for the next 31 days (write us if you don't remember the password)

Click HERE to support the Bowers financially

If you want to contact us you can email us, but unfortunately (on a publicly available web-site like this) we have to be a little tricky to make sure we don't get spammed like crazy. Our email address is this:

  • Take the name "pmbowers" (that's like Peter and Melodye Bowers)
  • Now put the AT sign after that
  • Now put "" after that
  • Now you know our email address -- but, shhh! - don't tell the spammers! :-)

Here's the same picture but without the words if you prefer it that way...

Click HERE for that same photo (no words) in a larger resolution for printing purposes

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